Waldo County Bounty

We have a new website! Find us at www.waldocountybounty.me.


We are a gathering of individuals and organizations in Waldo County organizing to address emergency food system and hunger relief needs by moving financial resources into the following channels, with as few impediments as possible: 

  • DIRECT PURCHASES FROM LOCAL FARMS for food pantries and soup kitchens, a win-win for farmers and food assistance clients, to be orchestrated by Daybreak Growers Alliance in partnership with Waldo County farmers;
  • SUPPORT TO GLEANING, as executed by Unity Barn Raisers’ Veggies for All program, which redirects surplus food from farms and food businesses and distributes it through established hunger relief programs; and

By doing this work through a collaborative, community-informed, and strengths-based approach, we are also holding vital space for cross-sector action planning and the development of new efforts.


  • GIVE! Financial help is MOST needed.
  • JOIN THE CONVERSATION! If you have an idea or question or want to join our next meeting, email us
  • VOLUNTEER! Get involved with gleaning, gardening, or mutual aid! Fill out this survey!
  • SPREAD THE WORD! Tell your neighbors about the campaign, ask those with means to give, follow and share Waldo County Bounty on social media.
  • GARDENER PLEDGE! For backyard gardeners willing to “grow a row” in support of Waldo County hunger relief. Fill out this form!

Mary Leaming (mleaming@une.edu) for gleaning and food pantry information.

Colleen Hanlon-Smith (colleen@daybreakgrowers.com) for farm-to-pantry work.

Viña Lindley (vina.lindley@maine.edu) and Anna Libby (alibby@mofga.org) for garden resources and education.

Participants involved in the conversation, so far, include: Waldo County Cooperative Extension, Veggies For All, Daybreak Growers Alliance, MainersTogether, Volunteer Regional Food Pantry, The Open Door Soup Kitchen, Good Shepherd Food Bank, MOFGA, WaldoCAP, Northbranch Farm, Songbird Farm, Villageside Farm, Freedom Makers Studio, Fedco, Johnny’s Seeds, Waldo County Garden Alliance, Mid-Coast Regional Reentry Center, Belfast Garden Club, Belfast Creative Coalition, Waldo County Food Pantry group (and the agencies they represent), The Lost Kitchen, Unity Kitchen, and Unity Barn Raisers (which is acting as fiscal sponsor). Individual concerned citizens have also been engaged at all levels of planning.