On January 12, 2000 a fire destroyed the home of Kurt and Carmen Freyer on Wood Lane in Unity. Tragically, their six-year old triplets, Joshua, Marcus, and Brydon, died in the fire. While fighting the fire, former Fire Chief and Waldo County Sheriff Robert (Jonesy) Jones died after suffering a heart attack at the scene.

The Freyer family generously donated the land to UBR for the creation of a memorial park. Together with the community, the triplet’s extended families, local organizations, and volunteers- UBR planned and developed the space as an interactive, beautiful, and child-centered community park. The local fire department has built a monument for Jonsey on the site as well. Educational and recreational CommUnity Trails connect with and pass through the park.

Work began in May 2002 with tractor work preparing the land. Trees, shrubs and perennials were planted. In June a well was dug, water lines laid, and electricity hooked up. Grass was seeded over the open space.

A series of fundraisers, including an all day fair in which every organization in town participated, raised about $7,700. Volunteer workers continue to maintain and grow the park.

In 2006, volunteers Don and Patricia Newell and Melissa Bastien built a curving raised boardwalk connecting Triplet Park to the historic grammar school (now Unity Food Hub) and the entrance to Bartlett Shore Trail.

In the summer of 2008, interactive and educational gardens including a cucumber tunnel, bean teepee, and sunflower house were installed in the park. Wildflowers and sustainable edibles such as rhubarb, black raspberries and sun chokes have been planted and harvested by groups of area children.