Our Purpose

Unity Barn Raisers is working pro-actively to enhance the small-town character and rural environment of Western Waldo County’s rural communities. UBR has programs and activities to support rural downtown vitality and community health and wellness. We serve as a model for other communities throughout Maine.

Our communities working together can shape their own futures and significantly enhance its quality of the lives of it citizens. UBR works proactively, in tandem with other community influencers, on community goals and projects that benefit both current and for future generations.

UBR nurtures a thriving community-based economy guided by our Ten Underlying Principles.

  • Unity Barn Raisers is… an organization of people who respect diverse backgrounds and opinions, but remain steadfast and single-minded in their shared commitments to our community.
  • Unity Barn Raisers is… committed to advancing the quality of life of local people, both current residents and future generations.
  • Unity Barn Raisers is… committed to preserving traditional buildings and retaining the historic identity of Unity as a market center for surrounding towns.
  • Unity Barn Raisers is… committed to community action, to working together to shape our own future, rather than letting the future dictate its own course.
  • Unity Barn Raisers is… committed to pursuing innovative projects that simultaneously enhance our physical environment, support our businesses, and boost our sense of community
  • Unity Barn Raisers is… committed to our existing businesses and institutions, to helping them realize new opportunities, so that they may play an even stronger role in the long-term prosperity of our community.
  • Unity Barn Raisers is… committed to wise stewardship of the land, to passing it on to future generations better than we found it.
  • Unity Barn Raisers is… committed to local self-reliance, to a future where more of our community’s needs are provided by local people, businesses, and institutions.
  • Unity Barn Raisers is… committed to the careful examination of any project it may undertake or support, and to proceeding with a project only if the benefits clearly outweigh any adverse effects
  • Unity Barn Raisers will not… support any project (no matter what the benefit) that threatens our natural environment and small-town character.