Unity Barn Raisers: Join our community and be a part of building yours.

Unity Barn Raisers has been in the Western Waldo County area making an impact and building community for over 23 years. With a variety of ongoing programs such as our Gleaning Initiative, Fitness Center, Unity Market Days, Trails Programs, Community Meals, and more, we are a vibrant and highly impactful organization.

Guided by our Ten Underlying Principals, we look for opportunities to be of the most benefit to the people and places that we serve. Do you have a desire to change the future of your community? Becoming a “Barn Raiser” can have many different meanings. Your membership can help sponsor our different programs and events. You can also actively participate in the coordination of our efforts by joining our board and/or committees. Click here and tell us how you would like to participate in building your community’s future.

Community Center Events…